BLOOMFIELD, CT (WFSB) -- A Bloomfield butcher was shut down by the state after investigators spotted one of its employees chasing a calf into a public parking lot, and killing it.

The incident, which was captured on police dash and body cam video, began Saturday morning when the calf escaped from Saba Live Poultry, running across Route 218, and into the Home Depot parking lot.

Police assisted in chasing the cow, using vehicles to help corner it behind the store, but instead of trying to corral the calf, the butcher employees killed it behind the store.

During the encounter, a man is seen in the video firing a crossbow, missing the calf and hitting the wall.

Then, three men wrestle it to the ground and cut its throat with a knife.

Officers on scene were not pleased with that decision.

“You know this is a big, this is a problem, this is not something that can be done,” an officer is heard saying in the body cam video.

An employee tried to defend the action, but the officer points out the entire incident played out in public view.

Channel 3 stopped by and called Saba Live Poultry on Friday but nobody answered.

Officials with the state Department of Agriculture went to Saba’s Wednesday after receiving a complaint about the incident.

Once there, investigators found unsafe conditions for chickens, rabbits, sheep, goats and other animals.

Saba advertises itself as a “halal butcher” because it adheres to Islamic law.

Because of violations, including, no fans or air conditioning, closed windows and overcrowded conditions, Saba Live Poultry was given a cease and desist order.

An inspector also prevented the shop from receiving a load of roughly 100 goats and calves from Massachusetts.

A spokesman for the Department of Agriculture said the investigation also involves the local health department and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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(12) comments


God bless that little calf, it gave up it's life so that the other animals could be saved from horrendous conditions!! Thank you Channel 3 for following through with this story to keep us posted as to what happens!! Thank you!!


TrueNorth, As a farmer, you are aware then that most of the crops raised throughout the world are to feed livestock which are then killed to feed humans. As a farmer, you are aware that there are certainly methods farmers can use to drastically cut down on the number of wild animals killed while harvesting. But I don't blame you for not taking those measures. It would likely cost you more money, and if people are willing to eat cows, raised rabbit, and lamb, what do they care about a wild rabbit or a fawn? You also know that creating so much crop to feed livestock actually creates a habitat for mice, rabbit, moles, snakes, etc... As a farmer, I am sure you are also aware that there is much controversy about this subject, and studies indicate that after harvest, although there are some wildlife deaths, numbers of those animals increase in the areas surrounding the farm. In other words, the animals have scattered, as naturally wild animals do when they hear loud machinery approaching. Humans BREED and raise domestic animals to eat. They take calves from their mothers, they raise these animals in horrific conditions, they dispose of millions of chicks and bury them alive as they are no use to the industry. Wild animals are killed in the production of the grain we feed to cows, pigs, etc.. Humans can live a healthful life without animal products. (We won't even get into the water consumption it takes to raise livestock, and it's contribution to global warming). As farmer, you are aware then of the massive destruction of the rain forests in order to raise livestock, thus massive numbers of wild animals dead and displaced. As a farmer, you are aware that creating life in order to kill it, is different than wildlife in a field of crops. Never mind that there are measures you can take to prevent much of that wildlife death. And when someone brings up the 'insect argument'...well.... Basically your stance is, "Some animals are killed by mistake, so that justifies the cruelty of factory farming" , "Vegans kill moths so of course I can kill a pig" Yet, vegans are elitist? That one always leaves me speechless, but not in the way you were hoping for.

Jules Winnfield

Disgusting, filthy animal torturers. Hopefully this business is shut down for good and these "people" get some jail time. Send 'em back!


Are you a vegetarian? Are you a vegan? Cuz if you're not, you're no different than the people in this story. The factory farms where your meat comes from do the same thing, just on a larger and more automated scale. So if you're stoppin' by Burger King on the way home, or grabbing steak to throw on the grill, you are no better than the people you want to 'send back'. Furthermore, your ignorant bliss makes you the worst kind of hypocrite. You want to let someone else do the throat slitting so you can sit on your high horse with a burger in your mouth.


agree 100%


You are very right! It is called being a hypocrite!!! Do what I say, but don't do what I do. They ought to have tours of slaughter houses daily!!!!


So here’s a completely valid, rationale, and undeniable prospective that either you are choosing to overlook, or more likely, entirely unaware of. The first 2 questions you asked, in order to set up the following statement, are wildly incomplete. The FACT of the situation is, unless you grow your own food, under your own supervision, and take drastic preventative measures, you in fact are just as guilty, and just as much of a factor in the problem you described. It’s very simple, if you buy your fruit, and vegetables from ANY outlet, I.E. organic produce from a supermarket, farmers markets, local farmsteads, then you are just as much contributing to the slaughter of innocent animals, as a person who purchases that BK, or that steak. Any person who has even a shred of farming experience will explain, as I am, how vast numbers of innocent animals MUST be brutally murdered so that vegans and vegetarians can make their kale and spinach smoothies. I’m talking rabbits, deer, snakes, ground nesting birds, moles, groundhogs, Fox, weasels, frogs, I think you get the point. I’m not sure about you but if someone is not ok with butchering a cow, then how can they be ok with slaughtering an entire family of rabbits under a machine turbine absolutely shredding them to bits and pieces. How about a deer fawn completely annihilated, to harvest corn. You see, as any farmer will tell you this is absolutely inevitable, and the precise reason you will see crows filling the sky above the farm, as soon as the machinery used to harvest crops is fired up. So they can feast on the mass animal corpses shredded about. How about the insects? That’s another story. So next time you hear a vegan, or vegetarian try to impose their ethic superiority upon someone else, just remind them of this ugly reality that they choose to ignore, through ignorance or choice. As much as it sucks, life feeds life. There are very few people on this planet who can claim that they do not take part in the killing of animals in order to feed themselves. You think you don’t, I’d love to hear you prove me wrong. I’ll wait...


I see how you are thinking, but there is such a thing called compassionate farming, God put the plants here for us to eat in thankfullness. He put the animals here to teach, and comfort us and show us unconditional love. Instead we think we are better then them and use all kinds of excuses to eat them, just because we love the taste after we dress them up with all kinds of condiments and spices. Also men make billions of dollars in this trade. As for wild animals, men use the excuse that they must cull them instead of leaving it up to nature (God) to make everything right. Until man fully develops his spirituality this will not stop because man feels he is superior to everything because of his egotistical, arrogant, selfish, greedy mind.


Totally agree with you. Some people are so sick, they actually enjoy killing animals!!!


I don't think Slaughterhouse workers are 'sick'. Many of them are low skilled workers who need a job and need to feed their families. They do the 'dirty work' for meat eaters.


WHO says ya gotta eat bugs. Just eating plants isn't good enough anymore now we gotta eat crickets. Next it'll be sticks and then dirt... #notmyburger


But I could NEVER do that kind of work. Could you? It takes a really cold, uncompassionate heart to do it!!

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