HAMDEN, CT (WFSB) - The state's public safety commissioner released body cam video and dispatch audio of a police-involved shooting that happened last week in New Haven.

Commissioner James Rovella led a state police news conference in New Haven on Tuesday afternoon, where the video and audio were released.

The shooting by a Hamden officer and a Yale officer on Dixwell Avenue last week sparked outrage in communities with many people demanding justice.

On Tuesday, authorities said the Yale officer did not have any recording devices activated.

The Hamden officer's body cam was turned on late, but captured the moments after he got out of the cruiser. 

A recall feature allowed the public to view the start of the incident, but there was no audio for the first 16 seconds.

He did not have a cruiser camera.

In new surveillance video from "Believe in Me Empowerment Corporation," Hamden officer Devin Eaton approached a red Honda which was believed to have been involved in an armed robbery.

A zoomed in version of the video showed driver Paul Witherspoon try to exit the Honda during the stop which is when Eaton opened fire.

“There are indications that he was told to open the door and come out with his hands up. It looks like it but I can’t tell you that was in the other hand," Rovella said on Tuesday.

Witherspoon's passenger, 22-year-old Stephanie Washington was hit, but is expected to be okay. Witherspoon was not hurt.

The New Haven state's attorney is investigating what happened.

In the meantime, a judge has signed off on a search warrant for the Honda. State police said they will look for potential evidence.

Witherspoon's uncle thanked state police for making the video available and being as transparent as they can in their investigation.

"This is not community policing, racial profiling, there are incidents going on around the country, I’m just glad, these guys are bringing it out," Rodney Williams said.

Both officers are on administrative leave.

At Monday's council meeting, members said they must listen to the community before deciding on how to spend their money on the police budget.

Those who spoke before the council demanded justice for Witherspoon and Washington.

"There definitely needs to be questions answered, and the one question is, what are going to do about justice for Stephanie Washington?" asked Scott Marks of New Haven. "And what are we going to do about justice for Paul Witherspoon?"

"We have to do something about it," said James Outlaw of Hamden. "We have to change the culture in which are kids are coming in there now. I have to tell my son every time he leaves my home, be careful."

Community members are asking for an independent investigation funded by town officials. 

On Tuesday, retired State Police Lt. Paul Vance analyzed the video that was released.

“I think we should be extremely cautious about what we look at because taken out of context sometimes things are misinterpreted and that could very dangerous," Vance said.

Regarding the body cam protocol, Vance said there are standards in place.

“There are standards that are set forth, relative to body cams and dash cams and certainly if those standards weren’t adhered to there would be culpability on the individual didn’t activate whatever was required to be activated at the time," Vance said.

Rovella said it's unheard of for all of this to come out so quickly, but that trust and integrity is what they strive for as they continue to investigate.

"From everything I’ve watched from my perspective, it seems the investigating agencies, the state police are being very transparent in everything that they’re doing which is extremely important," Vance said.

The body cam footage is being sent out to be enhanced.

Video after the shooting is not being released at the moment.

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