BRANFORD, CT (WFSB) - After than forty years in business, a shoreline restaurant is getting set to close its doors.

“I’m going to miss it, but its time, you know when it’s time,” said Lynn Demusis-Grady.

Lynn Demusis-Grady bags up orders, while big sister, Helen Borelli, along with their long time staffers, make those mouthwatering sandwiches that Lynn’s Restaurant and Delicatessen in Branford is known for.

Their mom, Ethel, who’s now down in Florida, started it all 41 years ago.

And as they grew, so did the East Main Street business, with breakfast, lunch, and catering.

“My mother opened up the store when Lynnie was 13-years-old. This was our life, every single day, seven days a week, for 41 years. Love what you do, do what you love,” said Borelli.

Over the years, the whole family worked here, and so did their kids.

But Borelli says last year she had to take some time off for heart issues, and after all these years working side by side and their lease coming up, the two sisters decided it was time for a change.

“We just felt it was time for me to step away and we’ve been partners for all these years, we just could never do it without it,” said Borelli.

“She’s my better half,” said Grady.

It’s not just a family affair behind the counter, but also when it comes to long time customers, like Jay Kirby, who goes in every day.

He’s there so much he’s one of a few customers with a plaque and his own seat.

“This is my spot, my family, all my friends here. We don’t know what we’re going to do without Lynn, Helen and their mother Ethel,” said Kirby.

For regulars like Dan Bullard, while the food hits the spot, there’s something more.

“It’s the atmosphere, it’s the friends. If you don’t come in for a few days, believe it or not they call you, ‘are you okay?’ Its homey and down to earth. It’s a great place,” said Bullard.

And a part of Branford that’s set to say goodbye.

“There’s probably no words to describe it, Branford is just such a wonderful community to be a part of, been supportive and we’ve had such loyal customers,” said Grady.

“We enjoyed every moment of it and now we’re ready to move on,” Borelli said.

The last day at Lynn’s will be 2 weeks from today, February 28th, and while it’s going to be an end of an era, they’re going to treat that last week, as a celebration.

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