Bridgeport's mayor to announce run for governor

Joe Ganim (WFSB)

The mayor of Bridgeport announced a city-wide freeze of spending and hiring Monday due to a lack of funding in the proposed state budget.

Officials said they the Governor's interim budget proposal plans to provide Bridgeport with $27 million less in funding than they received in the previous budget.

"After discussions with other cities and towns and their OPM Finance Directors, the financial forecast for all municipalities is grim. Mayor Ganim is reviewing all City of Bridgeport departments, all city spending, and possible budget cuts to support expenditure savings. Everything is on the table for review including budget cuts on municipal projects, putting a hold on personnel increases, and the request for furloughs to offset various contractual salary increases," said Rowena White, spokesperson for the city of Bridgeport.

“Regardless of what measures the city takes, it would be impossible to make up for this level of impact. It is my hope that the state is able to pass a budget that will continue to support the needs of Connecticut’s cities and towns,” said Mayor Ganim.

This announcement comes after the state comptroller announced Monday that they are struggling to mitigate Connecticut's deficit.

Lawmakers are expected to reconvene later this month to take up the issue of the state budget. They were unable to agree on one before the fiscal year ended on July 1.

Malloy signed an executive order last week to keep essential state programs running while the state operates without a budget.

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