(WFSB) – A special group of Good Samaritans stepped up to help feed those in need in their community this past weekend.

“Homelessness is everywhere. Food insecurity is everywhere and with the pandemic, it made it even worse,” explains Marva Patterson, Pastor with the Rescue Temple International Outreach Ministries.

This past Sunday, Patterson and others from her congregation were at South Park in Hartford handing out nearly 150 hot, prepared meals to-go.

“We give people a choice. We say you can have baked, fried, or barbecued, and then we say you want dark or white meat? Because if you go to a restaurant you get to choose, right? So why can’t we give people dignity.”

It’s an act of kindness Patterson has been serving up for a while now, along with snack packages filled with all the essentials.

“Our snack packs have hygiene products, tuna or chicken salad already in a box with a spoon, a cup of soup…”

And it doesn’t stop there. Patterson and the team have also handed out hundreds of blankets to those already struggling to stay warm.

But part of the real gift though, is the selflessness demonstrated by all those sacrificing their time behind these events.

“All of us are one paycheck away from losing whatever we have built. So, we do try to do it twice a month.”

BJs and Costco helped donate the food for Sunday’s event, and Creative Kitchen and Catering in Shelton helped prepare it. But Patterson tell us there are many other community players that are also contributing to the cause.

“The Chrysalis Center, they’ve been giving us every Friday their overflow of vegetables and fruits and meats. My husband brings the truck, and we send out a flyer and people come with their bags and we let them shop through the boxes and take whatever they need,” says Patterson.

And this Pastor plans to continue her mission, giving back to those who need it most.

“I may not be able to change the world, but if we can help one person every day, that’s one more person.”

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