NEW BRITAIN, CT (WFSB) – Sticking with our 20 Towns in 20 Days theme, we will be highlighting a Bright Spot from our featured location each day.

Channel 3 is shedding some light on a good thing that’s going on in New Britain.

When you step inside Jerome Home on Corbin Avenue in New Britain, you will be greeted with a sign of hope.

“It’s situated in a building where you have to walk by it, so no matter where you are, it’s the only way in,” said Greg Sieron.

A rainbow mural symbolizes the storm the nursing home weathered over the past year and all the good that came out of those dark days.

Hanging among the swirl of colors, photo collages tell an even greater story.

“Each picture represents a donation or some kind of support,” Sieron said.

That support came directly from the New Britain community.

“It was overwhelming. We had food donations coming in almost every day from the neighborhoods,” Sieron.

Sieron is the dining director at Jerome Home.

“This wall really is a positive thing for us,” Sieron said.

Sieron is also one of the masterminds behind the memorable appreciation piece.

“We want to put it altogether out there, so we remember everyone out there that has helped us through this time,” Sieron said.

Families, friends, organizations, and local businesses all came together for the residents.

“And the staff felt supports, and the staff needed support. It was a tough time for us at work and then obviously we’re dealing with outside of work in our own lives,” Sieron said.

Sieron said to this day, they are still receiving that support.

“Between families and vendors, we have local schools that made cards for us,” Sieron said.

There was also a mural that was made by a dining department employee who also happens to be a professional artist. Zbigniew Sokolowski, better known at Ziggy, painted the mural.

“So, we went to the store and got some paint and within a couple days, Ziggy was happy to paint the rainbow. I think it took him less than two days and it turned out to be beautiful,” Sieron said.

A beautiful reminder of the compassion we’re all capable of.

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