BRISTOL, CT (WFSB) -- A special ’20 Towns’ edition of the Bright Spot heads to Bristol where a woman has dedicated her life to helping those who don’t have a place to rest their head at night.

“I was out walking my dog and I noticed we had quite a few homeless people downtown,” said Pat Stebbins.

From that point on, she has made it a mission to offer a brief respite to those in her community who are struggling to stand on their own two feet.

“I just always enjoyed helping people with whatever endeavor, but this took my heart and I just ran with it, no other choice,” Stebbins said.

After handing out things like toiletries and other critical supplies to those on the street, St. Vincent de Paul shelter offered a space Pat could work out of.

That work later became “Brian's Angels.”

“Brian was my youngest son, lost him to suicide in 1998 after a period of homelessness,” Stebbins said. “I just kept thinking of Brian, and failure is not an option, and we're going to do this.”

They continue to see it through during this pandemic offering hot meals, and even a hot shower.

“If it isn't a hot meal, it's pizza, but it's something warm to get in people's stomachs. When they leave, they take a snack bag with two to three sandwiches, and whatever we can throw in to make it healthy, but something to hold people overnight,” Stebbins said.

Last year, an average of 30 to 35 people were coming into the center, located on Summer Street, during the three hours they're open in the afternoon.

Typical guests range anywhere from 20 to 50 years old, Stebbins said, and have fallen on hard times.

When they seek out ‘Brians Angels’ though, they’re all treated the same.

“We just want to make life a little better for people who don't have the opportunity for a better life from time to time,” she said.

The brief respite they experience is paired with the human connection they may lack outside.

“I still have people laughing, helping each other, and just being good people to each other in spite of what they're going through alone,” Stebbins said.

Thanks to Pat and the Bristol community that kindly continues to step up, they'll always be in good company.

“If people have been able to prove to me that they have somewhere safe to go as opposed to be homeless on the street in Bristol, we will send them home,” she said.

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