Bristol Thefts

Thieves in Bristol are targeting sheds and garages (WFSB)

BRISTOL, CT (WFSB) - Homeowners on one street in Bristol are on edge after a rash of burglaries.

One of the victims saud these thieves were willing to steal anything from anyone.

One of the targets was an elderly man and the crooks took everything from power tools to Christmas gifts.

The walk to his shed is frustrating for Mark Bernaitis.

“They broke the latch off right here, broke the latch right off went in took the lawnmower my bike that we use when I go camping,” said Bernaitis.

Earlier this week, he says thieves broke into the shed and detached garage behind his home on Field Street in Bristol, and stole basically everything they could get their hands on.

“I look down generator's gone, miter saws gone, compressor's gone,” Bernaitis said.

Bernaitis says the crooks even nabbed Christmas gifts he'd been hiding in his garage including a new TV for his son in law.

Overall, Bernaitis thinks they got away with $3,500 worth of his belongings.

“You feel violated stuff you work hard for gone,” said Bernaitis.

Bernaitis says the most frustrating thing is he's far from alone.

He said two of his neighbors were also robbed this week

“I’m not happy with them but people are desperate now a days I guess,” said Bernaitis.

Bristol police recently responded to 3 burglaries at local businesses.

Surveillance video shows a suspect holding a rock before he broke a smoke shop's window.

Bernaitis is frustrated by the crimes but refuses to live in fear

“I’m going to secure my garage and my shed a little better but there's nothing else I can do. It happens everywhere no matter where's you are at,” said Bernaitis.

Bernaitis said officers told him they are optimistic they can get some of his possessions back if they can catch the robbers quickly.

If you have any information about the thefts, you’re asked to contact the Bristol Police Department.

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