Bristol mom discovers mold issue, months after apartment has no heat

A Bristol mom is dealing with mold just months after the furnace in her apartment broke (WFSB)

A Bristol mom says she has mold growing in her apartment, months after the furnace broke.

Channel 3 helped her this past winter when she was left without heat after her landlord refused to fix a furnace.

“That's where it's been the worst. It hasn't started over here yet but I’m sure it's only a matter of time before it starts spreading,” said Porsha Michaud.

Michaud showed where mold is growing in her Bristol apartment.

The mother of two noticed it in her bathroom a few weeks ago.

She says that's when she called her landlord.

“There’s mold in the house. Something has to get done. There is water damage. I don't like it, I can get out,” said Michaud.

She claims her landlord hasn't been helpful in getting the mold cleaned up so she reached out to Channel 3 for help.

Michaud says the mold likely started growing because of a water leak and part of the ceiling fell into her tub.

She has someone living above her.

Water was dripping down the molding, onto the floor.

“I still have wet spots on my ceiling and that will become wet in the next few days if it rains or moisture,” said Michaud.

Channel 3 helped Michaud back in November when her landlord refused to fix a furnace. She was left without heat for a week.

The city stepped in and a new furnace was purchased.

Now, the city is stepping in again.

They told Channel 3 they came out to inspect the property on Friday and have issued an order to the landlord to replace part of the ceiling.

He's been given a $100 fine because this is the second time the order was issued.

Channel 3 went to the landlord’s home on Friday, but no one came to the door.

Michaud says she's mainly concerned about her two young children because one has asthma.

“It’s getting me worried because now her nose is running all the time, not sleeping. Everyone wakes up stuffy and I think it's what's causing it,” said Michaud.

While she wants to move, living paycheck to paycheck isn't allowing her to do that right now.

“I don't have the extra money to get denied. That could be money I could be spending on keep a roof over my head, what little bit of a roof I have,” Michaud said.

The city said the landlord has until next week to fix the problem, or he could face another fine.

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