Bristol woman's Veyo issue resolved, complaints still occurring


It has been four months since the state's new medical transportation service, Veyo, took over and some are still being left without rides to their doctor's appointments.

On Monday, Channel 3 interviewed a Bristol woman who said her doctors have dropped her because she can't get to her appointments.

On Wednesday, Susan Jones finally got the phone call she has been waiting for.

"Made a big difference, they never in a long time confirmed like this. The guy calls, so they are coming," said Jones.

Jones has relied on medical transportation to go to doctor’s appointments for the past 2 years.

She reached out to us after Veyo canceled on her ride last week, but that wasn't the first time they had canceled.

Jone said she has missed countless appointments over the past few months.

"I hope they continue to do this and don't pull a fast one again," Jones said.

The Jones' story aired on Monday, other Veyo patients reached out to Channel 3 with the same problem.

That includes Carol Maguda from Farmington. She said she was picked up by Veyo, but the driver was too late.

"I missed an important doctor's appointment because I have to have surgery on my leg and they wouldn't take me because I was thirty-five minutes late," Maguda.

She couldn't reschedule the appointment right away.

"I have to wait another month, that's another month with this agonizing pain and I'm up all night crying," Maguda said.

Veyo took over the state's medical transportation service on January 1.

The state's Department of Social Services has been looking into the company as there have been numerous issues, including long call wait times, patients getting stranded at appointments, or not getting picked up at all.

On Wednesday, in a statement, Veyo said, "14,000 daily rides are completed successfully and on time. We are aware there are still isolated cases where a ride may not be successful... We work hard to prevent that from happening."

Earlier this year, a meeting was held with lawmakers after dozens of patients came forward saying phone wait times are too long and they weren't getting picked up or dropped off.

According to Veyo records, complaints are down from the beginning of the year.

In January, more than 295,000 patients were transported with 778 complaints.

In April, they transported more than 319,000 patients and there were less than 300 complaints.

If you have a question about your ride, you can call 855-478-7350.

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