Brookfield clean-up continues days after storm

Brookfield clean-up continues days after storm (WFSB)

The hum of generators and chain saws fill many of the neighbors in the town of Brookfield as the cleanup from Tuesday’s wild weather continues.

“It’s crazy,” said Brookfield resident Megan Ehrhard. “You can’t get through one street without seeing a tree on someone’s house that’s really bad.”

From homes to cars, the clean-up continued Friday and is far from over, but there are signs of progress. Some streets once blocked by fallen trees and lines are now passable.

Eversource Supervisor Don Ray told Channel 3 that crews are working hard to restore power to those without.

“Today we’re doing actual line work, actually rebuilding and removing trees,” said Ray. “This is the worst in 39 years and I’ve been to a lot of places.”

In his 39 years of experience, Ray told Channel 3 that this storm is one of the worst he has ever seen.

Eversource Spokesperson, Frank Poirot told Channel 3 that the work is laborious because crews are not just fixing wires, but said they are essentially rebuilding the street system.

“The devastation with this storm, we saw 110 mph winds, we saw new poles pulled down by those strong winds,” said Poirot. “One-hundred-foot-tall oak trees came down. There’s just no planning for something like that.

Residents are slowing digging themselves out from under the wreckage. Resident Megan Ehrhard said she realizes the damage won’t go away overnight and knows it will having a lasting impact.

“All of the neighbors have just pulled together,” said Ehrhard. “Everybody is in touch, talking, checking on each other. It really just makes me proud of the community we have.”

Eversource said their goal to have the power restored in town is Sunday. Poirot said they are on track to meet that goal.

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