NEW BRITAIN, CT (WFSB) -- This week, many schools are back in session.

As students enjoyed their last few days of summer, bus companies were making sure school buses were ready for students.

“This is a really, really busy time but it’s also a very important time because we’re laying the foundation for an entire school year,” said Cliff Gibson, chief operating officer for Dattco in New Britain.

Dattco has about 1,100 school bus routes per day, carrying over 100,000 children to school.

Before students step on the school bus, drivers go through and make sure each route is safe.

“If there’s any construction or anything going on, anything that might put a hiccup on their normal daily routine of getting their kids safely on the bus, is all ironed out to ensure a safe school bus ride to and from school,” said Latorya Vendrell, a supervisor at Dattco.

On the equipment side, workers go through all the mechanics on each bus, including the brakes, lights, tires, hoses, making sure everything is ready and safe.

The Department of Motor Vehicles also comes in to inspect every bus to make sure they’re safe to hit the roads.

It’s also important that not just the buses and bus drivers are ready come the first day of school, but also all of the students and their parents.

That includes students looking at the bus driver and waiting for them to nod before they cross the street.

Parents are reminded to make sure their children are safe at the bus stop, as well as drivers.

When those red flashing lights are on, that means drivers need to stop.

While it may seem obvious that drivers need to stop for school buses, it’s an ongoing issue that bus drivers deal with across the nation.

In Connecticut, a driver can be fined $450 for passing a stopped school bus that has its lights flashing.

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