Bus driver featured on website that exposes potential predators


A local school bus driver is off the job after he was featured on Prey on Predators, a website that exposes potential child predators.

Recently, the Eyewitness News I-Team featured the local group, also known as POP Squad, that has already confronted more than 40 men.

The POP Squad pretends to be the minor who is approached by the potential predator online.

After the story profiling the group aired, the I-Team received a tip that a man featured on the POP Squad website was currently a school bus driver in Berlin.

The I-Team worked all day to confirm that information, and the bus company said that driver is now off the job.

The Prey on Predators website shows Anthony Buccini admitting on camera that he engaged in some inappropriate conversation with a boy who he thought was just 14 years old.

Up until Tuesday, he was driving children to and from schools.

“I would never have met and would never had anything physical,” Buccini said in the interview with POP Squad Founder “Incognito.”

That is true. Unlike many of the other videos featured on the POP Squad website that show confrontations with men who are under the impression they were going to meet a minor, Buccini never went that far.

Incognito said Buccini would have disturbing chats via text and over the phone, where he readily admitted his job as a bus driver.

“I didn’t even ask him what he did, he just let me know that he drives a school bus for Berlin schools,” Incognito said.

For whatever reason, Incognito says shortly after, Buccini stopped texting and calling, but because of his daily interaction with children, Incognito says he couldn’t let Buccini fall back into anonymity.

“It was even more alarming to know that he was trying to talk with a child, who was the same age he drove for,” Incognito said.

After confirming police weren’t going to be involved, Buccini agreed to meet and admitted to the inappropriate conversations on camera to Incognito.

In the video, Incognito asks Buccini “Why would a 14-year-old boy be in your dreams?” Buccini replies “Because it was late at night and I was just talking to him.”

Incognito then says, “The next thing you say when I ask you what you think you’ll dream of is ‘holding you in my arms, and kissing you.’ A 14-year-old boy.” Buccini replies “You’re right it’s an inappropriate thing to say.”

While these videos have just started to go viral, the interview was posted months ago. After receiving the tip, the I-Team took the information to Berlin police, the schools and the bus company.

All didn’t know about Buccini’s presence on the site, but within hours of watching the video, president New Britain Transportation, Peter Agostini confirmed Buccini would never drive a school bus for his company again.

During the POP Squad interview, Buccini promised to follow up with them about getting help.

“Yes I probably would be willing to do a follow up,” Buccini says in the video.

But Eyewitness News was told it never happened.

The POP Squad said they’ll be more than willing to turn the pages of chat logs over to police if they choose to investigate.

“All these guys deserve to have the light shined on them, their friends and family deserve to know who they really are and what they’re really up to,” Incognito said.

Incognito went on to say Buccini still reached out to one of his underage decoy profiles even after that meeting.

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