Businesses, workers preparing for weekend of snow

A small army of snow fighters cleared the 700 cars at M.J. Sullivan's Auto Dealerships. (WFSB)

After cleaning up Friday morning's latest snow storm, public works employees are getting ready for more hard work.

It took a small army of snow fighters to clear the 700 cars at M.J. Sullivan's Auto Dealerships.

They said the only way to get the job done right is by going slow and steady.

"It's all part of the mission. Whatever it takes, that's what we do here. Whatever it takes. We're familiar with winters here," experienced snow remover Jonathon Brigham said.

MJ Sullivan's owner Bill Sullivan has led the fight. He's cleaned snow off cars since he was 16.

Sullivan believes there's a system to clearing those huge lots.

"The system is we will plow all the alleyways and when the snow stops we brush the cars off. If we get more than four inches we'll have to move all the cars," Sullivan said.

New London city trucks are re-loaded and fueled for Saturday's impending storm. There's plenty of salt still stored at the state pier and downtown every snow fall is another job workers can take to the bank.

Channel 3's Weather Center has predicted three to six inches of snow to hit southeastern Connecticut, where many snow blowers will be working hard.

At New England Cycle Works in Groton, sales manager Chris Orlinski demonstrated the new state of the art snow blower, which pulls snow from one stage and drives it inside through the second stage.

It then throws it all out of the way in stage three.

The machine comes with power steering and heated handle grips.

But experts advise if property owners have an older machine, either put in an additive or get rid of the old fuel.

"Replace the gas that already hasn't been replaced with something preferably non-ethanol. Get that thru the system, check the oil make sure there are no problems where the snow blower is spinning," said Chris Orlinski.

It is also important to wear proper protection. Residents have been busy buying other supplies like salt and sand.

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