BRANFORD (WFSB) – Caius Farm Brewery is coming soon to Branford and the owner is brewing up some German and sour beers.

Owner and brewer Caius Mergy joined Courtney Zieller to discuss the plans for the new brewery as well as discuss the beers.

Mergy discussed his interesting background and how he got into beers.

“I went to Middlebury College in Vermont for undergrad. I studied classics,” Mergy said. “Then I got accepted for my masters at oxford and did classical archeology where I did roman coinage and sculpture.”

Caius Farm Brewery is brewing up sours and German beer

Caius Farm Brewery is brewing up sours and German beer in Branford (Courtney Zieller).

Mergy said a friend of his then took him to Hill farmstead Brewery in Vermont their senior year and he fell in love with sour beers.

Mergy is aiming to get going on the construction of the brewery as well in Branford. “the goal is to start at the end of September, hopefully. Probably-- more likely at the beginning of October is when construction will start.”

The permitting process is underway and Mergy told Zieller he is going for a classically inspired Roman basilica type building.

“There’s also going to be some of the exposed steel, natural wood tables, and countertop for the bar,” Mergy said. “There’ll be a small beer garden in the back, and I wanted to have ivy growing up the fences and just make it a really cozy place for people to hang out.”

On to the beers.

Caius Farm Brewery is brewing up sours and German beer

Caius Farm Brewery is slated to open early in 2022 (Courtney Zieller). 

The first beer Mergy and Zieller spoke about was a wheat sour called Seneca the Younger.

“It’s named after the roman philosopher Seneca,” Mergy said. “It’s our house wheat sour. The goal of that beer is to be used as a base for all the fruited beers and it’s a very clean, easy drinking beer. It’s 75 percent malted wheat and then the other 25 percent is just pilsner malt.”

The second beer was the house sour – named Marcus after the subject of Mergy’s thesis.

“It’s named after Marcus Aurelius,” Mergy said. “I chose him as the house sour because I wrote my undergrad thesis on him. I use some different specialty malts in there. And again, just the house mix culture, just to have a really clean, easy drinking sour beer.”

Next up was a beer Mergy has been working on since he began home-brewing.

“This one has been a work in progress since I first started homebrewing,” he said. I

fermented it with a blend of wild yeast called Brettanomyces. And then I condition it with lactobacillus and blood orange zest.”

The last beer was the honey sour, which Mergy said he started the base with just some of his favorite pale base malts and some flaked oats.

“I love the mouth feel that oats give,” he said. And then, as I was trying it while it was conditioning, I said, “this would be amazing with some local honey.” so, I mixed in some honey and then let that continue fermenting, and it creates this really delicate floral character in the beer.”

Mergy said he hopes to be opening to the public sometime in March 2022.


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