With Election Day less than a month away, the gubernatorial candidates campaigned and met with voters around the state.

Channel 3 spoke with the candidates who said they don’t plan on taking any time off before November 6th.

Hands went up with signs of support for Bob Stefanowski and the other GOP candidates on the ticket at a rally in Southbury on Saturday morning.

“How proud, how privileged, how honored I feel to be the Republican candidate for Governor,” said Stefanowski to the crowd of dozens.

The Democrat for governor, Ned Lamont focused his campaign efforts farther south in New Haven and Bridgeport on Saturday morning and afternoon.

“I like getting out and listening to what people have to say,” said Lamont.

“I think it makes you a better governor at the end of the day.”

Unaffiliated candidate, Oz Griebel and his team went door to door in Waterbury. Griebel spoke with Channel 3’s Dennis House on Face the State last Sunday morning.

“Monte Frank and I are running not just to win and balance a budget,” said Griebel on Face the State.

“But to win and restore Connecticut to national preeminence. That’s our goal and I think that’s what people are hungry for.”

And while the clock is ticking for the candidates, some voters may not have made up their minds.

Channel 3 spoke with voter, Robert Phelan of Southbury, who said there is a lot on his mind.

“I’m interested in seeing all of the candidates, and I’m tired of seeing the state of Connecticut run into the ground for the last eight plus 32 years,” said Phelan.

Lamont told Channel 3 he feels this is a crossroads election.

“People are optimistic. They hear all those negative ads and that Connecticut can’t get out of its own way,” said Lamont.

“They know we got tough decisions to make in this next cycle and they also believe in this state and want this state to succeed and I’m going to make that happen.”

Tune in on Sunday morning for Mr. Bob Stefanowski on Channel 3’s Face the State.

In an excerpt, Stefanowski said he’ll keep pushing to rebuild Connecticut.

“Lower taxes will get people to stop leaving, it’ll get people to move back in that’ll create demand for housing,” said Stefanowski.

“That’ll increase revenue to the cities and towns and they can reduce their property tax.”

Ned Lamont is slated to appear on Face the State next Sunday, October 21st.

Oz Griebel’s interview on Face the State can be found here.

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