STORRS, CT (WFSB) - Three candidates vying to be Connecticut's next governor faced off Wednesday night during a debate hosted by Channel 3.

Democrat Ned Lamont, Republican Bob Stefanowski and unaffiliated candidate Oz Greibel debated the issues on the University of Connecticut's campus in Storrs.

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Creating jobs, taxes and tolls have dominated past debates.

"We are going to have taxes coming out of our ears," said Stefanowski. 

Stefanowski wants to eliminate the state income tax to fix the economy, but wants to invest in transportation and education. 

"If education is a priority for you, and you are inheriting a 2.5 billion dollar deficit, and you're going to cut 11 billion out of the budget, at some point the numbers just don't add up," said Lamont. 

We heard about toll again. Lamont supports them on tractor trailer trucks only, but Greibel says cars too. 

"No tax is popular, but there is a reality check that says you go around the rest of the northeast, it's there," said Greibel. 

Students and faculty are expected to press the candidates on supporting higher education.

They want to make sure higher education is funded. This past year, budget cuts impacted UConn, and they also want to make sure that there are jobs for them. 

"It definitely affects people at UConn because we are a public school, so any laws that are made directly affect us," said Sean Nguyen, UConn freshman. 

This is the first time Greibel was on the stage with the two major party candidates. 

The debate was held from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

There are at least two more debates before November's election and it's clear Greibel wants in on the action and then voters have to decide who will be the state's next governor. 

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James Green

Too bad we don't have a woman running for governor as an option. Just more of the same bs we're accustomed to.

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