(WFSB) - Without fail, after every winter storm, drivers end up dodging ice missiles, but after last weekend’s storm, the danger seems to be even greater.

There’s more damage after this storm because the ice is so dense.

This is not fluffy snow, when the ice flies it’s going to come at you like a brick.

“It came in pretty hard and scared me pretty good,” said Peter Sprague.

Peter Sprague’s windshield is now shattered from end to end.

He tells Channel 3 he was driving on Route 9 Tuesday afternoon when an ice missile was launched by an SUV that was more than 20 yards ahead of him.

“It was like a sail in the air and I was trying to slow down to see if I could miss it, but it didn’t matter if I sped up or slowed down, it had me,” said Sprague.

Because everything unfolded in seconds, he didn’t get the license plate of the SUV and ended up not filing a police report.

“They said there’s not much they’re going to do, so I called my insurance, they said I didn’t need a police report for it,” Sprague said.

The ice from this storm is so thick, cars are encased with it, making brushes useless.

The professionals at Portland Automotive give tips at how to crack away at the ice.

“Lightly tap and push it away,” said Michael Lionetti, Portland Automotive Inc.

Michael Lionetti, the service manager, says the technique takes time, but it protects your car from damage and the potential of injuring others.

“If these big chunks fly off as you’re driving down the road and it hits someone else, that’s going to be a big issue,” said Lionetti.

State police are constantly on patrol looking for violators.

Fines start at $120 and if damage is done, insurance rates will go up too.

After falling victim to it, Sprague knows how important the process is.

“There’s times that I might get lazy and not clean off the top, but now I’m going to be an advocate for it,” Sprague said.

There is a special method when cleaning your car, start with the wipers.

Get the ice off that first because the weight could break the remission and motor.

Then, get in the car, start the engine, use the defrost while getting the rest of the car clean.

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