A hole-in-one is a lofty goal that many professional golfers may not meet, but two teenagers were able to make that goal, nearly back to back.

Channel 3 Eyewitness Sports Reporter Caroline Powers spoke with the two juniors, at Northwest Catholic School in West Hartford, who had a perfect stroke.

Seventeen-year-old Northwest Catholic Junior, Luke Connal told Powers that he finds golfing calming.

“My dad used to take me out to the range every day in kindergarten, which is where I really started to love it,” said Connal.

“It was just fun going out with him and from there I've played with my two brothers and him throughout the years.”

But a few weeks ago, Connal said he was anything but calm after a perfect swing on the third hole at Wampanoag Country Club.

“Just kind of out of nowhere,” described Connal. “And I saw it bounce once time and then right in the cup. So that was very exciting.”

A hole-in-one – an accomplishment that doesn’t happen often for a teenage, or so Connal thought.

The very next day, Mikayla Zordan teed off from the fourth hole at Buena Vista Golf Course in a match against Hall High school and Conard High School in West Hartford.

And to this rookie golfer’s surprise, Mikayla said she was floored when she too got a hole-in-one.

“We were all stunned because it landed on the green and I was like, ‘Oh, it landed on the green, good spot, and they were like it's still rolling, it's still going, it's going towards the hole, it went in the hole!’” said Zordan.

Zordan said this is her first year playing golf, but she said it wouldn’t be her last.

“I would play in Florida with my grandparents and that's about it,” said Zordan. “It's really fun. When I was little I was like, ‘golf is kind of boring,’ but now I really enjoy it.”

Both athletes said those days on the course are ones they will never forget, and they said they will hang on to those lucky golf balls for a long time.

“Actually, after I hit the hole-in-one, I finished out the round with it, which is a bit uncommon,” said Connal. “Probably frame it or hang it up somewhere. Definitely hold on to it.”

Zordan said this is something to treasure.

“My mom bought a little box to keep the ball in and score card,” added Zordan.

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