ATLANTA, GA (WFSB) - The preparation to air a Super Bowl does not happen overnight.

It’s a full-time job with a full team of people

“The planning for the Super Bowl starts about three years out. Essentially right after we finish a Super Bowl in a three-year rotation,” said Mike Francis.

Mike Francis is the Vice President of Remote Engineering and Planning for CBS.

He says the CBS compound is made up of 14 television production systems and mobile television trucks to be able to put on this massive show, all the bells and whistles to showcase the action on the field.

“We have 100 plus cameras deployed around the stadium. We have over 300 channels of video record and playback, more than 20 channels of graphics,” Francis said.

All the magic for the big game happens right inside a truck.

They say it’ll be as intense in the truck as it is on the field.

Inside there are more than 200 screens capturing every possible angle of the field.

Since the Super Bowl only happens once a year, they want to make sure there are no mistakes if the equipment fails or power goes out.

“There’s hundreds of people who are working toward this effort. We have lots of redundancy plans in place to make sure that if something goes wrong we have somewhere to go and we can recover as quickly as possible with the least affect to our home viewers,” said Francis.

Years of hard work to make sure those all-important hours on Sunday go off without a hitch.

“The coolest thing about the compound is the integration and the connectivity. We literally build a broadcast center like something we’d have in New York and we build it out here in the field. It’s a lot of effort and a lot of preplanning and coordination that goes into it,” Francis said.

Channel 3 is the home for Super Bowl LIII.

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