CCSU Men’s Lacrosse heads to Nationals in Salt Lake City

The CCSU men's lacrosse team is headed to nationals in Salt Lake City. (WFSB)

The Central Connecticut State University men’s lacrosse is making quite a name for themselves after a successful season.

Channel 3 Sports Reporter, Caroline Powers met with players and coaches who are excited to bring their club sports team to Nationals in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Now that we've really got an established culture that we work hard, that talent created the perfect equation to make a good club lacrosse team,” said CCSU Senior and Team Captain, Christian Bonilla, who said he has since the team’s progress ebb and flow since its inception.

“Bringing in Coach Frobel, he's really changed the culture of this program,” said Bonilla, when asked when he thought the change took place.

“He made it much more serious. We take it just as serious as a division three program.”

During Bonilla’s freshmen year, the team won only three games. Now, as a senior, Bonilla said he has helped lead the team to their most successful season ever.

“This year, we set the program record for wins and we won our conference,” said Bonilla. “It's kind of night and day from freshman year to this year.”

Freshmen Timothy Burruano said he hopes to keep the winning streak going through his next four years.

“As a freshman, I'm pretty surprised how much I got to play this year,” said Burruano.

“I remember last weekend I was able to score two goals in the championship game and one in the semi-finals, so that was pretty good.”

Head Coach Brendan Frobel is in his second year with the program, and he said the season did not start off as strong as they hoped, but the team didn’t give up.

“Opened up the season 2-4 playing a bunch of nationally ranked teams and I think it was humbling for them knowing they had the talent, but knowing that they needed to put the pieces together for them to regroup,” said Frobel.

That perseverance is what Frobel believes helped to lead the team to finish the season as the Pioneer Collegiate Lacrosse League Champions.

“This past season was our first season winning regular season championship,” said Frobel. “And then, we went on and won the conference tournament championship. Finished the season 12-4 on a 10-game winning streak.”

The CCSU Blue Devils were seeded 15th Nationals. On Monday, they will play 2nd seed North Dakota State. They said it may be a tough match, but they’re ready.

“We're going in to win,” said Frobel. “We're excited for North Dakota State to overlook us and not be ready for what we're bringing to the table.”

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