CEO of Jumoke Academy in Hartford resigns


The chief executive officer of Jumoke Academy in Hartford and the Family Urban Schools of Excellence, or FUSE, resigned on Saturday afternoon.

Michael Sharpe began working at Jumoke Academy in 1998 and took on the title of FUSE CEO in 2003.

FUSE mainly serves Hartford, but has also served families in New Haven and Bridgeport.

There are six charter schools under FUSE.

Jeff Digel, a member of the board of directors of FUSE, released a statement about Sharpe's resignation.

The statement said: "On behalf of the Family Urban Schools of Excellence Board of Directors, it is with sadness that I accept Michael Sharpe's immediate resignation. Mr. Sharpe has served as an example of how one can turn personal adversity into lessons for others, and we as a community are grateful for his service on behalf of urban students and families."

Digel said in the statement that the FUSE board will meet soon to begin a search for the next permanent CEO.

FUSE is a charter organization management group, which was in control of Jumoke Academy for the purpose of raising student accomplishment.

Sharpe's resignation letter to the members of the board of directors stated: "When I took the helm of Jumoke Academy in 2003, the school was in dire straits. It had been neither my career path nor my aspiration. However, after spending a day at the school, I knew that my heart was in this work."

In the letter, Sharpe talked about the improvement of the school over the past 11 years.

"I have no doubt that Jumoke's success will continue, and I would never do anything to jeopardize that," Sharpe said in the letter.

Sharpe ended the letter by saying: "I have always told our scholars that education is key to advancement. In keeping with that credo, I will be returning to school to complete my graduate studies, a move that will allow me to pursue my passion for advancement through education. I will continue to be a voice for children of color in urban centers, albeit in a different realm."

Sharpe's educational background is being questioned. Educational officials told Eyewitness News that he doesn't have a doctorate degree even though he has been using a doctorate title.

When Eyewitness News interviewed Sharpe in May 2012, he went by the title of doctor. The title of doctor is even on a plaque when he won the Man of the Year award.

For now, an interim CEO has been appointed until they search for a replacement.

Also on Saturday, David Medina, director of external communications for Hartford Public Schools, sent out a press release about Hartford Public Schools ending their partnership with FUSE charter organization.

According to the release, Special Assistant to the Hartford Board of Education Dr. Jacqueline Jacoby serveda notice of termination late Friday in a brief letter to Michael Sharpe.

The Jumoke Academy at Milner will now become part of the Hartford Public School district and no longer be controlled by FUSE.

"Returning Milner to full Hartford Public Schools' control was appropriate at this time given the talent and experience and of the school principal and commitment of its staff," said Jacoby.

There was no exact reason why Sharpe resigned from his position.

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