Channel 3 tests remedies to combat the stomach virus


What is worse to get than the dreaded stomach bug?

People go to great lengths to avoid the virus.

A quick search on the internet has two remedies that keep popping up -- Grape juice and activated charcoal.

The recipe is pretty simple, and can be made in just about 10 minutes.

You just need 100 percent grape juice, unflavored gelatin, and activated charcoal.

Bonus if you have some gummy bear molds.

They look okay, but should you eat them? Or give them to your kids?

“Some of my concerns would be the function of activated charcoal is to absorb and if people overuse it they could be absorbing the nutrients children need and I wouldn't use it lightly and I would use it cautiously,” said Dr. Roseanne Demanski, who is a naturopathic physician in West Hartford.

She said to use caution with anything you put in your body.

“I think it's important before you give anything even natural you check with your doctor before you start trying that,” Demanski said.

She added that the best way to prevent the stomach virus is to “wash your hands, eat healthy, drink water, try not have a lot of sugar and eat a balanced diet.”

She also said if you want to try something, burn a piece of toast, and scrape the burnt part off and mix it with a little water, for a safe way to give your kids charcoal.

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