The song I'll Be Home for Christmas took on some real meaning for a little boy in Watertown.

Staff Sergeant Daniel Deziel of the U.S. Air Force returned for the holidays this week.

Thursday, school officials at the John Trumbull Primary School in Oakville helped him stage an early holiday surprise for his son, first grader Landon.

Landon, like a lot of first graders, loves watching videos on the video streaming website YouTube. His mother said he likes one kind in particular.

"He has his iPad so he always watches the YouTube videos of homecomings and always says 'I wish dad could do that,'" said Laura Deziel, Landon's mother.

Daniel Deziel has been stationed in Germany for the past seven months.

Despite that, he had some nerves.

"It's hard being away, but I make the most of it [and] try to get home whenever i can," he said. "I'm excited to be back and see my son. I haven't seen him since June, so it's going to be awesome."

The plan was to have Daniel Deziel hidden around 8:45 a.m.

See photos of the surprise here.

Students gathered in the school's gym for a holiday assembly around 9 a.m.

Then the clapping started.

When Landon realized what was happening, he ran to his dad for a big hug.

Daniel Deziel said he wasn't able to make it home for Christmas last year. So this year is extra special.

The whole ordeal was a bit overwhelming for little Landon; however, he was able to tell Eyewitness news how he felt when he saw his father.

"Happy," Landon Deziel said.

"It took me a second to find exactly where he was sitting, but when I did...," Daniel Deziel said.

The Deziels said they're looking forward to some good family time before Daniel Deziel heads back to Germany in a few weeks.

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