MIDDLETOWN, CT (WFSB) -- A city employee in Middletown has filed a federal lawsuit against the city, and made strong accusations against Mayor Dan Drew.

Michele DiMauro is alleging discrimination and retaliation by the city.

She has been the Human Resources manager at the Board of Education since 2012.

She claims her salary is much lower than the person with the same job at city hall.

She also claims Mayor Drew made comments about the competence of female employees, referring to them as quote, "witches around a cauldron.”

In a statement, mayor Drew said “These allegations have been disproven in two independent investigations at a cost of more than $50,000 to the taxpayers. I value our employees equitably and always have. I have appointed more women to high-level positions than any Mayor before me. Our pay data show no disparities. In 2012, during the first year of my administration, Mrs. DiMauro was earning $61,318 per year. She's had multiple raises since then and her salary today is $116,521 per year. While I value her service to the community and identify with her desire to earn more money, the fact remains that gender played no role in the city's assessment of her pay rate. I remain committed, as my record demonstrates, to equitable hiring and equitable pay. I have no doubt that these allegations will once again prove unfounded.”

A statement provided by the city’s attorney said “The City of Middletown has taken great steps to ensure Ms. DiMauro’s complaints have been addressed. Over the past 18 months, both the Director of Human Relations and a neutral investigator reviewed the claims and did not substantiate any of these allegations of gender discrimination. Ms. DiMauro’s salary has been adjusted substantially in the past year, and even prior to that. The fact remains that Mayor Drew played no role in setting Ms. DiMauro’s salary. Moreover, the statements attributed to the Mayor were unverified by any witnesses and denied by the Mayor. Based on the information that we have seen to date, Ms. DiMauro has received numerous raises over the past five years and is not a victim of gender discrimination. We very much look forward to presenting the facts in a Court of law, and anticipate a finding in the City’s favor.”

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in 6 years, she has received more than 50,000 in raises. almost doubled her salary. who the heck is minding the pocketbook in that town ? i can imagine no circumstance where any municipal employee could "earn" that kind of financial reward.
i won't go as far as other idiots and suggest political affiliation has anything to do with anything. that's the cry of losers who have made a mess of their lives, and are following the racist garbage spewed by an orange haired serial molester.


Nothing will happen to Mayor Dan Drew. He's a democrat and they are exempt from any crimes. That's why CT is failing, but it's still the truth.

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