NEW LONDON (WFSB) - U.S. Coast Guard personnel are feeling the pinch.

Guardsmen and cadets are not being paid during the government shutdown.

The Coast Guard is the only branch of the military not receiving paychecks because their part of the Department of Homeland Security.

Local business owners told Channel 3 on Friday the government shutdown has already affected their bottom lines, but they said they are doing everything they can to help guardsman during this difficult time.

Friday nights in New London you'll find Slice Pizza Bar packed with Coast Guardsmen and cadets along with a woman they call Mama Heidi behind the bar.

"I'm like the mom figure to all of them because their parents aren't around here," bartender Heidi Silva told Channel 3.

But because of the shutdown, Heidi's regulars have a little less money in their pockets as guardsmen and cadets have not been paid during the government shutdown.

"Just like other members of the Department of Homeland Security we are furloughed as per se," Coast Guard Cadet Scott Salmon told Channel 3. "It's a little tough but we're all hanging in there we're all hanging in."

Slice Pizza Bar said they are help the men and women affected by the shutdown by offering them 15% off while the situation drags on.

"We just try to do anything that we can for them," said Silva. "Because we're a big family that's what you do for family."

Nearby, Mr. G's Restaurant guardsmen and cadets will find a similar deal.

"They’ve been very good to us and we wanted to give back and do something special for them when they need it the most," said Peter Farnan of Mr. G's Restaurant.

Farnan told Channel 3 some of his regulars tell him things are starting to get tight and today was especially difficult because they missed their first pay check. And when guardsmen have less spending money, local businesses are impacted.

"We've been noticing the last two weeks business has been down around lunchtime happy hour, and we aren't seeing some of the familiar faces as often."

"I hope it ends pretty soon," Salmon said. "We're hanging in there, were hanging in there."

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