HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Construction crews removed a Christopher Columbus statue in Hartford on Monday morning.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin announced earlier this month that the statue in front of the Connecticut Superior Courthouse would be removed.

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The monument had been up for nearly 100 years.

Bronin released a statement on Monday afternoon.

“We took down the statue of Christopher Columbus early [Monday] morning, and we will continue the process of working with the Italian American community in Hartford and Greater Hartford to find a better way to honor and commemorate the Italian American community's immense contributions to our community and our country,” Bronin said. “Even during his own life and by the standards of his own time, Columbus was known and punished for his extraordinary tyranny and brutality, and there are better ways and more worthy heroes to honor the proud heritage and legacy of our Italian American community.”

Advocates said it was meant to symbolize Italian-Americans who faced intense discrimination.

Bronin released a statement in which he said the city would find another way to honor Italian-Americans.

The city’s acting Public Works director said crews will put up a temporary bronze plaque over Columbus’ name on the base.

Critics said Columbus's treatment of indigenous communities he encountered is not something that should be honored. They also said he had a role in the violent colonization, which came at their expense.

“His statue going down is a new chapter in our history, and for that I am glad. However, it is only a statue and what we need to do as Americans is to do new chapters in our own history when we think about the future of this country,” said Annette Landry, who was born and raised in Hartford.

She added that this means a chapter where everyone is equal, and where there is justice and freedom.

“If taking the statue down is one move toward that, then so be it,” Landry said.

Columbus statues have been coming down across the country and in Connecticut as a result of recent racial tensions.

Monuments in New Haven, New London and Middletown have been removed.

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(12) comments


When are they going to knock down the Washington Monument? After all, George did own slaves.


Does anybody know what self righteous indignation is?

Daniel MAGA

This is 109% due to the fake news WFSB reports daily. Full of pure racist hate like all liberals and liberal news stations. I'm going to love the next 4 years when President Trump makes an Executive order to destroy all racist fake new and forces the statues back up!!


Bronin, another weak leader. Can't wait to see what this brain trust comes up with after spitting on the Italian heritage.

Brian C. Duffy

Bronin is a Rhodes Scholar. Where did you receive your "brain trust" from, Yank?


Do you follow my comments? I am flattered.

An education does not make one smart; it makes one educated.

Daniel MAGA

Perfectly said

Brian C. Duffy

Why do you make comments if you don't want them read. No one can verify how smart or educated you are because you are uselessly anonymous. That trait goes much more to character than intelligence.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT

Daniel MAGA

Terrible drivers have drivers licenses too motion.


I said I was flattered Duff. Didn't realize you were so sensitive. Personal attacks seem to be your MO, not subject matter. When you don't agree you get personal.

Brian C. Duffy

My MO is to get rid of anonymous posters who aren't accountable for their statements and personal attacks re: "Bronin brain trust".

I'm definitely personal.....and honest.

Brian Duffy


You are just so cute when you say things like that pretty boy.

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