Community supporting Lebanon farm after pumpkins stolen


After pumpkins were stolen from her Lebanon farm, the community is helping a 88-year-old female farmer.

Pumpkins were stolen right from a popular farm stand that is on the more than 200 acres owned by Teddy Randall.

Randall has been farming these fields since she was a kid. Randall sells all kinds of vegetables and now pumpkins and corn stalks for the fall season at her farm stand.

She set up an honor system where customers can leave what money they can. But someone didn't put in any cash Sunday night or early Monday morning.

About 150 pumpkins were sitting on the front lawn, but when Randall went to check the can, she noticed they weren't paid for.

The community got word after our exclusive story about Randall by Eyewitness News. On Friday, Eyewitness News paid a visit to the farm and caught first hand, customer after customer after customer stopping by.

“I actually saw the story on Channel 3 first,” Pat Cascio, of Hampton, said. “We were coming through and I wanted to make sure I took this route to do this and stop here and put in a donation.

“She wasn't even going to get anything but put a donation in to make up for the loss you know," Phillip Doll said.

“Love my little town and love to do what we can do to help them," Carla said.

Even local coffee shops and girl scouts have put out donation cups. Randall usually sells about a thousand pumpkins a season. She won't have that amount this year.

“There are a lot of good people in the world and they've been very helpful to help with my loss,” Randall said. “It's appreciated very much.”

Because of that, Randall said she will continue to do what she loves.

“It's amazing how many people appreciate it, the vegetable and I won't stop putting out the stand because of one bad apple,” Randall said.

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