Commuters brave the traffic, head home after the holiday weekend

Commuters brave the traffic at the end of the holiday weekend (WFSB)

The July 4th weekend is drawing to a close and with that comes the traffic on the way back home.

Travelers say all good things must come to an end.

A lot of people who have been up on the Cape or in Rhode Island for the holiday week, enjoying vacation, but now it is back to reality and they inch their way home.“That’s what you get for the holiday. It’s the 4th of July weekend. It’s going to be traffic,” said Willie Jenkins.At the rest stop along I-95 south in Madison, the parking lot is packed as people stop in to take a break before venturing back into traffic.

As people return from the beaches, cookouts or camping vacations they all admit, they knew traveling back on the Sunday of the holiday weekend was going to a slow ride.

The Odhner family, with their canoe on top of their car and bikes in the back, are heading back to Pennsylvania from Cape Cod.“Connecticut on 95, we hit jam up after jam up. I think it will add an extra hour from what it would normally be at least,” said Kate Odhner.Still, while the commute home can be a bit rough in spots, the Odhner’s take the attitude that stressing out won’t get you there any faster, so be mellow.“We’ll get home when we get there. You can’t worry about it, right? Stressing isn’t going to make the car go faster. It’s true. You let the people in front of you and you keep going and you’ll make it home,” said Dirk since July 4th fell on a Wednesday this year, there had been some debate about whether this weekend was considered the holiday weekend or whether last weekend was.

AAA considers this weekend the holiday weekend in terms of traffic expected on the roads and hotel bookings, but a lot of people Channel 3 talked to went away for the whole week and so they considered both weekend holiday weekends and enjoyed the best of both!

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