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A lot of money is being pumped into TV campaign ads (WFSB)

(WFSB) - Another complaint is about to be filed against a political super PAC.

Watch dog group, Common Cause, says Change CT has been pumping outside money into Republican state races without disclosing where the money is going.

A similar complaint was filed this summer.

This is a big election year and quite a bit of money is coming in from out of the state donors.

These complaints claim these super PACs are violating election laws by not saying which candidates are being targeted.

Political ads are everywhere and lots of money is coming in.

There are a number of so called "Connecticut super PACs". What they all have in common is out of state money.

Alice Walton, the heiress to the Walmart fortune, gives money to super PACs build CT and Change Course CT. 

“I people should know care because they should know who is spending money to influence their election,” said Cheri Quickmire, Common Cause executive director.

The executive director of Common Cause, an election watchdog group, plans to file a complaint against Change Connecticut PAC, saying they are failing to disclose what candidates are benefitting from outside money.

"I think we need to be much better at figuring out who these secret spenders are,” said Quickmire.

“This outside interests, D.C. large groups that are coming in to benefit from what we think is Republican candidates."

This was back in August, when the Democratic house speaker was calling this unfair and illegal.

Joe Aresimowicz says Change CT, funded by national Republicans, has spent thousands of dollars targeting Democrats.

He filed a formal complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

We reached out to Change CT and they say, “These types of complaints are frequently nothing more than a political tactic. They are meant to distract from electoral work, create legal costs, and unnerve donors. Forgive me if I take them with a grain of salt until we've worked through SEEC's process."

House majority leader Matt Ritter says it’s a clear violation of state election laws because it puts candidates in a disadvantage if they don't know they are being targeted.

“If you are running for state rep. in Connecticut and some outside group from Washington, D.C. is spending tens of thousands of dollars against you, you should at least know that,” Ritter said.

Ritter feels penalties should be stronger to prevent this and tougher penalties could force more disclosure.

Common Cause has teamed up with CT Citizen’s Action Group, they host a Facebook page called Connect the Dollars where you can see where some of the outside money is coming from.

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