Concerns raised after clown carrying baseball bat spotted in Meriden

Some of the alleged sightings have turned out to be nothing, but in Meriden, police are investigating at least five cases. (WFSB)

The clowns are in Connecticut, and looking through various social media accounts, the ominous posts are enough to have police investigating and school districts to take precautions.

Some of the alleged sightings have turned out to be nothing, but in Meriden, police are investigating at least five cases.

Of all of the reported cases, the one where a woman said she was chased by a clown wielding a baseball bat is probably the most intense, and it’s giving parents just another thing to worry about.

Dating back to last week in Meriden, there have been five incidents throughout the city.

Mayor Kevin Scarpati said the alleged encounter on Sept. 30 at Walnut Grove Cemetery is enough to scare anyone.

“A driver, driving down the road, looking in her rear-view mirror, saw a clown chasing after her car, with what appeared to be a baseball bat,” Scarpati said.

Since Halloween is just around the corner, Scarpati said it’ll be tougher for police to distinguish between those celebrating and those looking to instill fear, so he’s pleading for people to use common sense.

“Individuals who may be innocently walking around a neighborhood with a clown costume on, in my mind, is only asking for trouble,” Scarpati said.

Police said they are well within their right to arrest anyone simply wearing a mask.

Fairfield Deputy Police Chief Chris Lyddy said “Creating a public disturbance is an infraction, so is disorderly conduct. It all depends of the action taking place by a person wearing a mask.”

In another incident. Anthony Canalia said his car was vandalized in Meriden, where a message and a lewd picture were spray painted on his car Tuesday morning.

“My oldest son got in on the passenger side and said someone wrote on your car and when I looked, it said 'Chubs the clown was here’,” Canalia said. “People say it's a prank, some people who say it could be a target, but you never known nowadays.”

Unlike Naugatuck, New Haven, and Newington, no schools in Meriden have been a focus, but parents are advising their children to be aware.

“I still have to watch out for my kids. You don't know where they'll come from. There's many entrances where they can pop up from,” said Myrtha Chico, of Meriden.

Clowns before Halloween won’t be tolerated in Meriden, and anyone who is dressed up and causing a disturbance could at least face a misdemeanor.

If police find out who is behind any of the school threats on social media, they could be facing a felony, under new laws passed just last month.

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