NEW LONDON, CT (WFSB) – Connecticut College in New London is taking a firm stand against COVID-19 and any student who violates the safety precautions, which includes being banned for the semester.

The gates are closed to visitors and because of privacy laws, Conn. College says they’re not discussing student discipling or conduct issues of the students they banned this semester for violating the new rules.

The scene of the women’s cross country team training on campus looks normal for any other year, until you see the bigger picture, which shows signage not allowing visitors because of the pandemic.

“It’s important for everybody’s health that we all, you know, stick to the rules,” said Michelle Gotwski, class of 2023.

In a message to students on Tuesday, the Dean of Students, Victor Arcelus, communicated some students hosted guests in their dorm rooms over the weekend.

“The hosts of the recent gatherings created conditions in their rooms where many of these expectations were not followed. As a result, there hosts were sent home to continue their coursework remotely,” Arcelus said in the statement.

“It’s unfortunate, but Conn made it pretty clear that they have a zero-tolerance policy,’ said Mary Rusnock, class of 2023.

Conn. requires twice weekly testing. The COVID-19 dashboard found online shows two students tested positive.

The administration is not saying how many violators have been disciplined, but in a statement to Channel 3, Arcelus writes, “We take seriously our responsibility to maintain the health and safety of both our campus and the region. That’s why we developed a robust testing and contact tracing program to facilitate regular twice-weekly testing of students and student-facing faculty and staff throughout the semester.”

“It’s a privilege to be here right now especially because a lot of schools are remote,” Gtowski said.

A Conn. College coach said that the students and athletes who are back on campus are healthier and happier, physically and mentally.

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