WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) - Unemployment benefits ended a month ago and Connecticut businesses are still struggling to hire staff.

Local restaurants and business are struggling to find work. One such business owner is ConiRose Cavanaugh, of Paba’s Restaurant in Waterbury. She says she is constantly looking for workers.

“I’m actually looking for a secure position in every realm of running this business, a position on the grill, position on dish, position on the floor,” said Cavanaugh.

She put up posts on social media and asked her friends to share her posts. Cavanaugh even got hundreds of applications, but only four showed up for an interview. Through that process, she only hired one employee.

“After two weeks of working I end up losing her because her intent was to only work for two weeks, which I wasn’t aware of," she said.

This story is not uncommon across Connecticut.

Michael Hayden with the Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board (NRWIB) says staffing problems continue to persist in nearly every sector of industry. The organization has put on several job fairs since unemployment benefits ended. While it helped fill some jobs, Hayden wonders if he could do more.

“The training dollars are there, we have some cares money through the office of workforce strategy in the governor’s office: health care training, manufacturing, construction,” said Hayden.

While employers are looking for more applicants, they stress for serious applications only.

For more information about NRWIB’s resources, check out their website by clicking here, or call 203-574-6971.

For more about working at Paba’s, search for job postings on Indeed, call the restaurant 203-753-8545, or message them on Facebook by clicking here


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