CHESHIRE, CT (WFSB) - Across Connecticut, residents are feeling the impact of last night's storm. As of this morning nearly 3 thousand Eversource customers are still without power.

All across Connecticut, residents are feeling the impact of last night's storm.

Most of those outages are from Hartford, Guilford and Cheshire. The biggest factor in all these cases are downed trees.

"First the sky turned black then it was just like pow pow pow and the trees were bending left and right and then downpour," says Lynn Cochrane a Connecticut resident.

Across Connecticut: Videos from yesterday's storm

Winds were so strong last night that many across the state reported seeing tornadoes or microbursts. The National Weather Service will be surveying Connecticut to determine if a tornado did in fact land here.

"It really got super loud, like a freight train coming through. Started hearing booms, and bangs, and I didn't even want to look out the window cause it was so loud," says Branford Resident Rich Cobb.

Cobb says this was the worst storm he has seen strike Branford. His street is now surrounded by uprooted trees with power lines underneath them.

Cobb and his neighbors aren't alone as there were nearly 500 outages in Hartford and 600 in Guildford. However, Cheshire did have power today. With one very notable exception.

The Varanelli family trampoline was hanging on power lines since last night.

"We weren't home but we got texts from neighbors that the trampoline was hanging on the wires up there and obviously the fence is destroyed. I think a microburst came through or whatever," says Chris Varanelli.

Varanelli says luckily no one was hurt and was glad his house was not touched.

Eversource says they are working to get the power back on through several parts of the state. Representatives say that if people see a downed power line, stay away and call 911.

Stay with Channel 3 as we continue to learn more about the impacts of this storm.

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