Construction work not quite finished as year begins at Wethersfield High

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Wednesday marked the start of school for the still-under-construction Wethersfield High School.

The project has been underway for the last three years and school officials said it's not quite done yet.

Superintendent Michael Emmett joined Eyewitness News before school began.

"We expect to be finished in late October," he said. "The areas that still need to be done are in our tech ed wing, our swimming pool and then we have one more bank of classrooms that need to be finished. Then we should be done."

He said classes will start without any problem. Take a tour inside the school here.

Students said the $85 million project has been a headache for many of them. They shared photos of exposed ceilings and hanging wires.

Some complained of sickness earlier in the year that they blamed on the work. They came down with upper respiratory and sinus infections.

Despite the claims, Emmett said there was no unsafe air in the school. He said neither an asbestos nor a PCB abatement took place at the time. He said that only took place when students were not present.

"We had asbestos and PCB [issues] throughout the scope of this project," Emmett said. "We had asbestos that we found in the pool. It was abated over the course of the summer when students and staff were not in the building. It is done, it's gone."

The asbestos removal's cost was $419,000.

This year, students won't be allowed in the pool area. What remains is the completion of lighting and ventilation.

That impacts the girl's swim team this fall and also prevents gym classes from using the pool.

School officials said the pool should be open by December.

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