Contractors say they haven't been paid for work on Hartford building

Several people were taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation (WFSB)

A fire on Sunday gutted a Hartford apartment building, leaving dozens without a home.

The flames broke out at the building on Wethersfield Avenue on Sunday afternoon, leaving nine families homeless.

On Monday, some contractors came forward, saying they haven’t been paid for the work they’ve done on that building for a month.

“I've been waiting almost a month now to get paid and they haven't paid me,” said Edwin Lopez, who was one of the men who helped transform the place.

After Eyewitness News started searching for answers, and tracked down the owners and landlord, Lopez was paid mostly what he was owed.

However, there are others who haven’t been so lucky, and that includes Jose Berrios.

“He acknowledges that he hasn’t been able to pay me because of paperwork, he's too busy. Meanwhile, I haven't been paid for 34 hours of labor that I did for him,” Berrios said, adding that he is owed about $300 from Park Property Management.

He said he helped lay down new flooring, painted and fixed cracks in walls. He said he’s asked and asked, and nothing from the landlord.

“He asked me for a number and I still haven't heard from him. And I feel like someone needs to do something about this,” Berrios said.

Some others said they haven’t been paid either, for work they’ve done to the management company’s other properties.

The owner had no comment.

“Who knows when I’ll get paid, so I hope someone listening to this will help us out,” Berrios said.

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