WOLCOTT, CT (WFSB) – A controversial assignment has been removed from Wolcott High School’s curriculum after critics called it politically divisive and hurtful.

The assignment was handed out by multiple teachers in the 10th grade civics class.

The educations likely wanted to spark debate, instead they created controversy.

The assignment asked students to respond to eight statements and were told answering “yes” indicated they had Liberal feelings, while responding “no” to the statements meant they have Conservative views.

Some of the statements included:

  • Kids should be able to listen to any music they want.
  • Kids should be able to wear ripped clothes to school.
  • Kids should sit down and eat dinner with the family.
  • Skids should be able to watch anything they want on TV.
  • Kids should be able to be on a date alone by 15 years old.
  • Kids should be able to be out all night after Junior Prom.
  • Parents should not have the right to check your e-mail/ cell phone.
  • You shouldn’t have to attend a religious institution once a week.
Wolcott Controversial Assignment

“The questions, pretty much every student would say yes to this,” said Andrew Pelletier, a Wolcott High School graduate.

Recent Wolcott High School graduate Andrew Pelletier, along with most other people Channel 3 spoke with, feel the assignment missed the mark, especially because many of the statements have nothing to do with politics.

“It’s dividing them over personal preferences basically. I feel it can divide and separate people,” said Sherron Barnes.

Some district parents feel the controversy over the assignment, which has attracted hundreds of comments on social media is overblown and one assignment pales in comparison to what students learn at home.

“I possibly think too much is being made of it. However, I think that us as parents need to guide our children. We need to have parameters for them,” said Liz Rousseau.

After meeting with Wolcott High School’s principal, Superintendent Tony Gasper decided to pull the plug on the assignment.

He released a statement saying, “While we feel that there was no malicious or political intent in the assignment, we understand that in the current, highly-polarized political climate of our country that some parents may have found it concerning. None the less, a meeting with the teachers of this course was convened and the assignment will not be used in the future.”

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(2) comments

Joe Markley

Does anyone else find it 'concerning' that a superintendent of schools can't write a two sentence statement without making two grammatical errors (an extraneous 'that' in the first sentence, and a 'nonetheless' which, strictly read, indicates they acted despite parental concerns)?


Your comment made me laugh. Then I thought about it and got scared.

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