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Coronavirus Recovery: Gov. Lamont says 'Phase 3' is paused for now

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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- As the state continues to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, the state is taking a paused ahead of 'Phase 3.'

Gov. Lamont made the announcement after the 4th of July holiday weekend, saying he wants to err on the side of caution before the next phase of reopening.

Phase 1 began in the middle of May.

As it hadn't shown any spikes in hospitalizations, Gov. Ned Lamont announced 'Phase 2' would happen on June 17.

Read the detailed rules for reopening here.

The state's partial reopening on May 20 was the first of three phases that were outlined by the governor and the Reopen CT Advisory Group.

With Phase 1 came outdoor dining, and the reopening of non-essential retail businesses, offices, outdoor museums and zoos, outdoor recreation.

Hair salons and barbershops reopened on June 1.

As Phase 1 went on, hospitalizations continued to trend in the downward direction, which was a major goal to be reached before the first phase.

Then, Phase 2 included indoor dining, gyms, nail salons, theaters, museums, amusement parks, hotels, libraries, spas, tattoo parlors, bowling alleys and more.

According to the state's website, Phase 3 is set for "mid-July," but a specific date has not yet been announced.

Along with downed hospitalizations, the advisory group wanted the state to also:

  • Achieve an increase in widespread and streamlined testing
  • Establish sufficient capacity for contact tracing and isolation
  • Implement a high touch program to protect persons and populations that are at higher risk for severe illness and death from COVID-19
  • Ensure our hospitals are able to provide optimal standard of care to all patients, including those without COVID-19, as prior to the surge
  • Guarantee appropriate PPE is available to everyone who needs it
  • Implement protocols to ensure appropriate safeguards are in place for safe opening of each sector of our economy

As Phase 1 got underway, Gov. Ned Lamont had outlined what needed to be met ahead of Phase 2, which included: Declining transmission, with a less than 100-bed net increase in hospitalizations in the last week of Phase 1; testing and contact tracing, with 100,000 tests a week connected with less than 50% of identified contacts within 48 hours; business and social safeguards; protection for critical and at-risk individuals; healthcare capacity, with less than 20% of beds occupied by COVID-19 patients amongst total peak COVID-19 bed capacity.

Take a look at the latest coronavirus statistics in the state, here.

The Phase 2 businesses that reopened on June 17 included:

• Hotels (no bar areas)

• Gyms, fitness, and sports clubs

• All personal services

• Outdoor arts, entertainment and events (up to 50 people)

• Outdoor amusement parts

• Movie theaters

• Bowling alleys

• Social clubs, pools

• All museums, zoo, aquariums

• Restaurants (indoor, no bar)

Also under Phase 2 were several education and community services, including:

• Selected youth sports (Jun 20)

• Public libraries (Jun 20)

• All summer day camps (Jun 22)

• Nonresidential workforce programs (mid Jun)

• Nonresidential clinical/laboratory courses (mid Jun)

• K- 12 summer school (July 6)

• Other nonresidential programs, community colleges (July/Aug)

• Graduate programs (July/Aug)

• Undergraduate residential small scale pilot programs (July/Aug)

During Phase 2, those who are at-risk and those who are 65 and older are encouraged to continue to stay home and stay safe.

Face masks/coverings will also be worn at all times during both Phase 2 and Phase 3, and social distancing would still be encouraged.

Phase 3 was supposed to happen four weeks after Phase 2, but it's not now. When it happens, it'll include the reopening of:

  • Indoor private gatherings – 50 people
  • Outdoor private gatherings (including Graduations) – 250 people
  • Outdoor organized gatherings (e.g. Fireworks, Concert in Municipal Park) – 15 feet of space blanket to blanket, no cap. Event organizer responsible for compliance with guidance.
  • Outdoor Event Venues (e.g. Amphitheaters, Race Tracks) – 50% of Fire Capacity and distancing

Bars were initially included in Phase 3, but Lamont announced at the end of June he was reconsidering that decision after seeing surges of cases in other states.

RELATED: Bars may no longer be on tap for phase 3 of reopening plan

The Reopen CT Advisory Group and Gov. Lamont said they will continue to monitor several risk factors as the state continues the phases, including a second surge of outbreak, testing statuses, contact tracing, PPE supplies, and more.

For a closer look at the complete reopening plan, click here.

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(20) comments


Nice to have a public comment section where participation is voluntary for ALL.


What's the point of reopening so soon if you're just gonna be the reason the virus spreads again every country who has opened back up has more cases and more dead


Should we stay closed forever? Virus and disease isnt about to end. We should have never done this to begin with.


burnham's hearing i will give you a status sometime at 3:30pm this afternoon


it depends if sarah gets caught this afternoon for doing something where she hides her inner side with sharon in case i have to be here doug, yes, i do, because of her swearing out of bounds laws.


Are we still free?


Totally free. Free enough for you to "encourage defiance" ? What will you be defying today? I am guessing you're gonna get crazy and defy logic.


Perhaps. But would you be ok with mandatory vaccinations and the requirement of carrying proof of that at all times?


I will follow science and choose to get a vaccination if and/or when one exists. Thanks for fear mongering about a vaccine and the fictional need to carry proof everywhere. You know how if you get pulled over or buy alcohol or purchase a firearm they need to see your license. Or when you go to school they require proof of vaccinations like TDAP or MMR. Scary stuff but I am sure you will be ok.


What I didn't see, or missed, in the guidelines is how people who do not believe in getting immunizations is being handled.

Brian C. Duffy

How will YOU prove that you're vaccinated against anything, Yank? Unlike you, I know I'll have no problem providing identifiable proof.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville


Why should we as "free Americans" have to prove vaccination?

Brian C. Duffy

You must be one of those brave anonymous sovereign citizens who "travels, not drives" in a motor vehicle without a license. No permit necessary either for the concealed weapon of choice. Free as can be, right JB?


Where do you draw the line? You seem willing to provide proof of vaccination. Under what circumstances are you willing to provide proof?

How far would you let the government control your life on the guise of safety?

Brian C. Duffy

Under the same circumstances as proving my citizenship....and more.

Stay anonymous and thus safe from ridicule there, LameBo.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT


There goes Brian at the gay bar again.


"When the debate is lost slander becomes the tool of the loser".

This world is a little too crazy to be throwing our names on a public forum.

As for vaccination proof, I do not believe that is right for a "free" society.

Brian C. Duffy

Call me crazy, Cupcake. This is not a 'public" forum, but it is totally voluntary. Your participation is not required.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT


I've been watching the studies on the vaccine being developed at Moderna, in Boston. If you receive the vaccine, you will be safe. Unlike some weaker vaccines nowadays, which prevent people from spreading the illness and force even vaccinated individuals to rely on herd immunity, this one will protect you against the virus itself. If you are high-risk, I'd recommend that you get the vaccine (once available) and then have a titer test done; it will ensure that you are not one of the small percentage of *any* vaccinated population that simply did not develop antibodies.


I could actually go on for many more posts and explain a heck of a lot of stuff. My sister is the degreed expert and could go on for even longer. So I'll give the simple version of the answer, in case my first answer was unclear: Once the vaccine is developed, it will not rely on herd immunity like many other vaccines do. Thus, those who refuse the vaccination are not going to be a danger to those who accept it.

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