DANBURY, CT (WFSB) - The partial U.S. government shutdown is entering its 21st day.

It’s now tied for the longest ever and the effects are being felt.

About 200 correction officers at Connecticut’s federal prison in Danbury did not receive a paycheck on Friday.

Those correction officers are being told they have go come to work, but now they are not getting paid.

The longer this goes on, the worse it will get for many families.

Danbury's Federal Correctional Institution is one of the latest casualties in the partial government shutdown.

"We are generally middle class, some are lower middle class, single parents. We can't make the adjustment, mortgage companies want their money, credit card companies want their money,” said Pat Wynne, Federal Correction Officer.

Pat Wynne is a correction officer and he says the shutdown is taking its toll on some 200 unionized officers.

They did not get a paycheck on this Friday.

Paychecks have not come for hundreds of federal employees, including Joanna McCleland who works for the Department of Homeland Security.

“It’s quite possible even if we open this week, I don't see a paycheck before the first of February and where's my rent going to come from? How am I going to pay my bills for this month,” said McCleland.

Her story is a familiar one as some 800,000 federal workers remain either furloughed or working without a pay this is happening in just about every state.

Like Coast Guard families in Port Clinton, Ohio.

"We're the only branch of the military that is not guaranteed a paycheck during these times. My husband is in there making homemade bread because it's cheaper than buying a loaf at the store,” said Olsen.

Then there are federal contractors, companies that rely on invoices being paid.

Wynne says it's scary not knowing how long this will last.

"In shutdowns past we saw and end in sight. Everyday there was progress, at least they were talking to each other. Things were getting done. The news was saying there's an end in sight we don't see it with this one,” said Wynne.

The longest previous shutdown lasted three weeks in December 1995 and January 1996.

Shutdowns affect about a quarter of the government.

If it does drag out for several more weeks, some could find themselves with serious financial problems.

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