Super Bowl Costs


(WFSB) - After Sunday’s Patriot’s overtime win against Kansas City, many die-hard Patriot fans were frantically looking to secure seats to the big game in Atlanta.

The costs will numb you like today’s arctic cold.

Package deals are available, but at what price?

Then you have to worry about getting there and likely get a hotel room too.

“I’d pay a thousand for the seat and travel, so it would be about two thousand dollars,” said Bill Stroud.

Patriot fans don’t have a problem going to Foxboro for a game, but it’s a different story going to Atlanta as the Patriots take on the Rams.

“The package to go on the team plane $15,0000 per seat, and that’s just to start,” said Marty Weiss, Patriots fan.

Lifelong Patriots fan Marty Weiss jumped on line Sunday night and started searching for tickets for he and his wife.

“They’re crazy. Especially because of LA I think,” said Weiss.

A well-respected attorney, Weiss quickly learned the truth to getting to Atlanta.

One ticket near the top row will cost between $2700 and $3600 each, plus handling fee.

For a hotel, you’ll pay nearly $7,200 per night.

Add your round-trip flight from Bradley, which is another $225.

By the time you’re done, your weekend fling will be close to $8,000 per person.

Weiss has an inside track to good seats for $15,000, but he has an alternate plan.

“Forget it. My wife wants to go to San Juan, I’m taking her to San Juan. We’ll watch it again from the hotel room,” Weiss said.

The other option is to stay home and watch it live on Channel 3 with all the camera angles and replays for the cost of a gas of tank.

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