The terrorist attack in Barcelona and the attack last week in Charlottesville both involved the use of driving a vehicle into a crowd of people.

It can’t help but beg the question, what can you do if you are caught in an attack.

Counter terrorism experts say there is no way to fully predict every attack, nor is there a way to make public soft targets completely impenetrable.

They say if you find yourself in the midst of an attack, the best thing to do is try to follow your human instinct and to remember three words -- run, hide, fight, in that order.

"You know human instinct is going to take over,” said Hartford Deputy Police Chief Brian Foley. "Run, hide, fight is a precaution. If you see something happening, run if you can get away, don't wait, grab your loved ones and go. If you have to hide, hide. When you're hiding be prepared to fight should you have to.”

In Charlottesville, the violence centered around the taking down of a Confederate statue.

In Hartford, with the Florida Georgia Line concert set for Friday night, Foley says they already know there will be concert goers with Confederate flags, and that might cause some to feel uneasy.

“That is something we see at every country concert and something we expect. We've never had any issues with it, but tomorrow our officers are going to be made aware of what's going on nationally, and let them know there might be some increased tensions in relation to all those flags that are coming in,” Foley said.

He added that each big event in the city gets its own operation plan and they look to see if there are any weak spots and put in heavy vehicles or sometimes concrete barriers.

They also have the real-time crime center and have cameras all over the place, and he does not anticipate any problems.

To follow updates on the attacks in Barcelona, click here.

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