Couple cleans up trash along road, encourages others to do the same

A Meriden couple cleaned up trash on the side of the road over the weekend (Submitted)

Broken bottles, rusted cans, and old tires are just a few of the items a Meriden couple found dumped near the side of the road over the weekend.

After spotting the piles of trash, which they suspect have been building up for years, the pair went and cleaned it up on their own time.

"It takes everyone. Everyone should be working towards this,” said Jo-Ann Hall, who was headed to the gym with George Hall Saturday morning when they noticed piles of trash along Baldwin Avenue.

"We took note and said, we should probably tell someone,” Jo-Ann Hall said.

They reached out to the city's mayor and had said “we can bag it, but can you make sure you can get a truck. We don't think we can put this in our personal garbage."

Together, the next day, the couple picked up the trash they found, near the Route 15 overpass.

The Halls said they filled more than a dozen bags filled with trash.

George Hall even made his way into the embankment to pick up the garbage. They said it took them about an hour, and someone even stopped to help out.

People who live in the neighborhood said they don't like seeing this garbage, or hearing that it's being dumped around the city.

"We all do our part to keep this area clean. We take care of our properties, our lawns,” said Chip, from Meriden.

On the phone, Meriden’s director of Public Works said this was the first time they were called to that spot for dumping.

Crews collected the garbage bags on Monday, and now the director is asking everyone to do their part and dispose of trash properly.

"If you see something like that, don't sit around on a Sunday afternoon waiting for someone to save you. Put on some gloves, take a bag, it doesn't take a lot of effort,” Hall said.

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