Crazy roll over in Florida crash caught on camera

A frightening crash was caught on camera. (CNN Newsource)

A man was rushed to a hospital by helicopter Saturday after a frightening crash sent his car tumbling beside busy Woodland Boulevard in DeLand, Fl.

"We couldn't pull him out of the windows because the car was crushed," Good Samaritan Jarrod Winfield said.

This tumbling crash was captured on a business' surveillance video. It also shows the frightening moments after bystanders ran towards the wreck and trying to save the drivers life as smoke sprang from the mangled, overturned sedan.

"People came over with fire extinguisher's to put out the fire. We flipped the car over and pulled the guy out so he didn't burn alive," Winfield said. "I start pulling him out and another guy about my age helps me pull him out of the car. And then cops and paramedics took over and did their job, really."

Rescuers then rushed the driver to a hospital by helicopter.

Officials said he sustained head trauma when his car careened a few hundred yards beside 17-92. First, the vehicle hit a mailbox and then some ATVs parked outside a scooter dealership before the harrowing flips.

"It probably did four or give 360s in the air," Winfield said.

No one else was injured because of the crash. The Good Samaritans told CNN they're thankful for and glad that many were quick to try and save the man was hurt.

"The more people the better in this situation to help somebody and possibly save their life," Winfield said.

"If it weren't for the bystanders, he wouldn't have made it, at least this far," Morgan Bissel said.

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