PLYMOUTH, CT (WFSB) - Thieves have been taking advantage of people at the pump.

Using a credit card skimming device, they've been targeting customers at a Plymouth gas station.

Police have recovered the device, but for many, the damage is already done.

Plymouth skimmer.jpg

Plymouth police were seen at the Citgo gas station on Friday 

Whether it be fraudulent charges, or just stealing the money right out of bank accounts, the state Department of Consumer Protection has reminders to protect yourself and what to do if your information's already been stolen.

When it comes to credit card skimmers, gas stations are always a popular location.

"There's no person out there really supervising and so someone could insert that skimming machine and no one would really notice for awhile," Kaitlyn Krasselt with the state Department of Consumer Protection tells us.

A card skimmer has been busy collecting from customers here at the Citgo in Plymouth.

Eyewitness News has heard from viewers their cards are being used in different states.

One said $1,000 was taken out of his bank account.

Police confirm the skimming device was removed Friday.

Krasselt says if you find your credit or debit card information's been stolen, you need to contact your bank and law enforcement immediately...

"So that their bank or credit card company can put a freeze on their account and stop any fraudulent purchases from happening and refund the funds if they need to," Krasselt explained.

To prevent your card's info from getting stolen, Krasselt recommends using your card inside at the register or paying with cash.

If you still want to use your card at the pump, she says to be attentive with the hardware.

"If it looks like it's been tampered with at all, or it looks like the seal is broken, that says it's been inspected, definitely notify the attendant and notify local law enforcement," Krasselt added.

Plymouth Police are asking anyone who's been at that Citgo in the last week to check their card statements.

If fraudulent charges are seen on a credit card statements, the user should immediately contact their credit card company and Plymouth police at 860-589-7779.

An investigation is ongoing.

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