Crews are out in full force on pothole patrol

Crews in Bristol are out repairing potholes throughout the city (WFSB)

As the weather starts to warm up, potholes start popping up, and if you're not careful, they could pop a tire or two.

Folks all over the state have been checking in with the Channel 3 Pothole Patrol on the WFSB app, sharing where they are seeing the potholes.

A notorious pothole on Divinity Street in Bristol is bad enough to make your teeth rattle, and the damage it does to cars is even worse.

“It feels like the bottom is about to fall out of my truck and it knocks the alignment off the car as well,” said Chandreca Wilson, of Bristol.

On dry days, city crews are out for a full shift patching the holes, but they can't keep up with them all.

Instead of swerving daily to avoid them, Bristol drivers are sounding off on Facebook, tagging Mayor Ken Cockayne in comments, alerting him to problem spots. He says he see each and every one of them.

“It's much easier to tag me on Facebook then to go on a city website and look for my city email,” Cockayne said. “I take those and I forward them off to my Department of Public Works director and he has them addressed.”

Sometimes, deep potholes can cause immediate, severe, damage.

“We spent about maybe $300 to $400 just for the potholes,” Wilson said.

Drivers may file a claim. If it's a state road, it needs to be filed with the state.

“It would go to our insurance company to get examined. Rule of thumb though is that if we didn't know about the pothole, we couldn't fix it, and it's going to be declined,” Cockayne said.

The mayor says Divinity will be patched by Tuesday and once the bridge work on Frederick Street is complete, those will be addressed too.

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