Red Lion Hotel

The Red Lion Hotel in Cromwell is closed

CROMWELL, CT (WFSB) -- A Cromwell hotel is closed and a sign on the door says business sales have been suspended.

The sign posted on the door by  the Department of Revenue Services at the Red Lion Hotel was dated Jan. 10, saying its Sales and Use Tax Permit was suspended.

It is unclear what prompted the suspension.

Employees said investigators walked through the front door around 9 a.m. on Friday saying all guests, about 100 of them, needed to leave immediately and that they were shutting down the hotel.

On Friday, guests were surprised to see the notice on the hotel doors. 

"I was freaked out sort of freaked out," Tammy Adams said Friday. "We just drove around the building and we knew something was wrong."

Joshua Krusewski's heart sank when he found out what happened. He's the executive director of the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association, an organization that has a party coming up in a few days at Red Lion hotel for 300 people.

"That uncertainty, we can’t wait around. We have to be proactive and make a move," he said Friday.

Workers also said that the hotel and restaurant have more than 50 employees and they were all completely blindsided when the shutdown happened. Also, some are worried they won’t get paid because their last pay check only went through Saturday.

A few employees also said it’s unclear when or if the hotel will reopen.

On Monday, town officials explained what they're doing to help those employees who are without a job right now.

"We're working with the Chamber of Commerce and also with the Department of Labor to see if we can put on a job fair here at the town hall for those employees that lost their positions," said Town Manager Anthony Salvatore.

The owners this hotel have financial issues that go beyond just this sales tax permit. They also owe $233,000 in taxes to the town, some of that as a bill due at the end of this month.

The owner, Joseph Gillespie, also filed for bankruptcy for some businesses he owns.

Channel 3 reached out to the corporate office but has not yet heard back.

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(9) comments

rick be

I've been there several times and noticed no improvements of any kind and

some deterioration.Seems like the owner is just another conman.This cannot

be entirely blamed on Corrupticut policies but that probably played a part.


Sounds like they were just running it into the ground until it died.

rick be

Yeah,just grabbed the cash and skedaddled.


Honestly, as a past customer for many years, I’m surprised it wasnt shut down long ago. I attended a convention every October and things rapidly declined. Ceiling tiles fell and never replaced, pool never cleaned, mold growing in the AC units. Many of my friends got sick and got rashes, went to the doctor for mold exposure. OSHA and the Dept of Health (both city and State) were contacted. I have plenty of pictures and honestly, I am appalled that anyone would say that it was a good stay recently. It looked ran down for more than three years in a row. It rained and two floors leaked and the car garage flooded. Our convention was practically forced to go to another hotel next year due to the horrible conditions. I wish I could post photos, there was no doubt they would get shut down. I highly doubt it had anything to do politically.


Gotta love the CT tax communists shutting down business and putting people out of work the liberals claim to want to help. All in the name of contributions to the criminal organization fleecing the residents of CT called the State of CT. Gotta put a shout out to the complicit liberal media, yes WFSB that's you, for deleting past comments regarding the communist repressive State of CT and suppressing free speech.


yup 100%, disgusting

rick be

I've had comments deleted too.


Are there like...worms in your brain? Like, have you even been to this hotel to see the disgusting condition it was in? This hotel closing has nothing to do with politics, but of course a stupid RepubliCANT has to crow on and on about "dem liberals." (Not everything is a conspiracy theory, idiot.) The hotel was disgusting and the health of those employees was at risk everyday. I was there before they shut down; the pool was grimy, the building leaked all over to the point it became a running gag of our last year there. Heck, the parking garage flooded by several feet. The previous owner's and then the Red Lion were running it into the ground, people complained with evidence, CT shut them down over health violations. Simple. But you're so stupid you can't even realize you're stupid, you un-American pos. Kys.


State of CT Tax Communist criminals at work shutting down business impacting the people the liberals claim to support.

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