HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- Thefts of cars from driveways, parking lots, and gas stations are plaguing communities across the state.

A bill that just passed by a narrow vote in the Judiciary Committee would make it a felony for an adult to get a child to steal a car.

It also calls for the use of GPS tracking devices on juveniles who are arrested more than once for stealing cars.

Republican State Rep. Craig Fishbein and Democratic State Rep. Robyn Porter joined CT ’21 this weekend to talk about those provisions. 

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This little cottage industry never would have happened if not for Gov Malloy and the willing Democrats in the CT Legislatures misguided attempt to social engineer criminal behavior. Raising the juvinile age for car theft from 16 to 19 while emphasizing Police cannot pursue a stollen car at more than posted speed limits created this issue. Prior to that, no "adults" (aka senior gang members) were enticing "Children" (aka kids on the streets looking for direction their single grandparent households can't provide) to steal them in the first place. Of course we could follow the "Tariffville" method of "just locking your car" and all would be fine. lol (again)

Brian C. Duffy

Did they ever find your car?

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