BROAD BROOK, CT (WFSB) – A mix-up gone wrong.

Right now, the Gulf of Mexico is the site of the longest active oil spill in American history. Hurricane Ivan damage and oil platform owned by a company no longer operated.

A federal study shows up to 108 barrels of oil per day leaked into the region.

How is this connected to Connecticut? The name of the company.

People are mis-directing their criticism of the oil spill to the wrong business. One that’s located in Connecticut.

Taylor Energy is a locally-owned business in Broad Brook. It’s tucked away with a small staff for big demand.

“We service the area with oil [and] propane delivery. We do installations of all heating equipment of all types, natural gas [propane and oil],” said Catherine Guarco Schantz, Taylor Energy owner.

In between servicing customers, it’s dealing with a headache.

“We have been experiencing emails that have been nothing but mean,” Schantz said.

A Category 3 storm hit the Gulf of Mexico in 2004. It caused a mudslide, toppling an oil production platform, causing a leak. That leak is still active.

Taylor Energy Company of Louisiana owned that oil structure.

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is more than 1,000 miles away from Broad Brook, Connecticut. Yet, the comments keep coming to this Taylor Energy and others with similar company names.

Schantz invited Channel 3 to the office as she poured over the endless emails and social media comments.

“’I am not religious, but hope to God there really is Hell, so you can all fry forever,’” Schantz read an email sent to her company.

The vile emails started in 2018 after a major outlet did a follow-up story to the Gulf spill, but in the last few weeks, the comments spiked up after a federal study released its findings, which caused the articles to follow.

Later, the commentators and the Connecticut company responded.

“We do explain we are very careful with the environment. We do care about our community. We care about the people in our community,” Schantz said.

Taylor Energy Company in Louisiana got out of business in 2008 and is now dedicated to the cleanup.

The company has no social media presence, but the Taylor Energy in CT does, which causes people to constantly mis-tag them.

“If it continues, it could be detrimental,” Schantz said.

Schantz is asking people to do research before hitting send.

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