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CONNECTICUT. (WFSB) - A Congressional Candidate and an army veteran, Anthony Adelino DiLizia-Stonington, was diagnosed with COVID-19 on July 30.

DiLizia-Stonington had gotten the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in April.

He is just one instance of breakthrough infections.

DiLizia-Stonington said that he had 35 people at a campaign event, but doctors told him that only people he has been near in the last couple of days need to self monitor.

"It worries me even though I know the chances for complications are low, it’s still something you think about," DiLizia-Stonington said.

He continued, stating more people need to get vaccinated. "Any vaccine that we’ve ever implemented in our history, results in less cases and eventually the disease goes away altogether. Although you may be the exception, I’m not sitting here thinking, ‘well, it’s a waste I got the vaccine.’ That very well could be the reason I made it this long."

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(2) comments


Trumps vax - too new / doesn’t work / Cheetos is liar

Biden vax - if you don’t get it your a trump loser who wants the world to die

More divide -

More hate

But it totally is political .... right


This is why you don't make politics the center of your life. You constantly perpetuate the hate and divide. The virus has no politics and neither does the vaccine. Just get vaccinated and help us all move on.

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