CT doctor weighs in on dangers of 'Tide Pod Challenge'

Doctors are weighing in on the dangers of the 'Tide Pod Challenge'

Unfortunately, teens around the country continue biting into laundry pods as part of an online dare.

The so-called "Tide Pod Challenge” has hit Connecticut.

In the past, we’ve seen stories about the dangers of toddlers ingesting these laundry pods, but now teens are doing it and posting the videos online.

It is happening all over the country including here in Connecticut.

The stunt is every bit as ridiculous as it sounds but doctors also warn it’s extremely dangerous.

Dr. Suzanne Doyon with the Connecticut Poison Control said ingesting the pods can be harmful to your eyes, stomach, throat and even lungs.

In some cases, children have even lost consciousness.

In Connecticut, the poison center has fielded a handful of calls from all over the state from school nurses and parents concerned after local teens participated in the challenge.

Fortunately, no one in our state has been seriously injured so far, but obviously, that is likely to change if teens keep participating in this dangerous dare.

Doyon said parents need to sit down with their children and have a conversation about this.

“I encourage parents to talk to their children and their teenagers and to try again to change the behavior to something that where they don't do this anymore. I think that's the most important message,” Doyon said.

Most social media platforms are removing Tide Pod challenge videos.

For more from the Connecticut Poison Control Center, click here.

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